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As they say: 
Once a Stephanian, Always a Stephanian

The Alumni Office
St. Stephen's College

Annual Alumni Reunion, Musical Evening and More

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Patron's Message

Dear Alumni,


Greetings from College!

If you are reading this then ... Congratulations! You are at the right place. 

This is the new page of the St Stephen’s Alumni Association. Yes, the official page. This is yet another way of reaching out to a special set of people who are different, who excel in what they do and whose DNA from College translates as SERVICE to make a better world.

You remember the special times you had in College, right? And over time, you tend to savour and sometimes forget the past. This page is dedicated to all former students of the College and is for everyone to re-connect with each other, with “fachas”, with your seniors, your room mates, the ones who got you into trouble as well as the ones who stood with you when you got into trouble...this is a page and a place when you can get in touch and stay in touch. So go ahead and connect with the past...and the present.  Find out how College is doing now. Whatever happened to your room in Residence? Who stays there now? Do they still serve cutlets on Wednesdays in the Dining Hall and what are the kind of programmes that the Music Society hosts these days? Is IDG active? What kind of  Junior Members hang out on the lawns? There is so much to find out and you can do most of it through this page. 

The other alternative is to land up in College.

Either way, you are going to enjoy spending time exploring all what the Alumni Page can offer. 

Welcome and enjoy!


Prof John Varghese

Brick Wall

Latest News


Mr Mohit Joshi (Batch of 1994) President, Infosys appointed as independent non-executive director of Aviva Plc.

Dr Shashi Tharoor (Batch of 1975) releases his magnum opus on theory, evolution, practice of Nationalism, worldwide and especially India - The Battle of Belonging.

Mr Yashvardhan Kumar Sinha (Batch of 1979) to be the next Chief Information Commissioner of India.

Brick Wall

What's New


Stephanian Trivia Quiz
Be our guest, be our guest.
Put your Stephanian knowledge to the test.

College Souvenirs

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College merchandise and souvenirs are now available in the College Café. For more details and to place your order, please contact Mr Mohit Gandhi, Café Manager at cafe@ststephens.edu.

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